Friends & Funding Bodies

  • Edinburgh Living Labs: a city-wide Living Lab collaboration, whose founding partners are the City of Edinburgh Council and the University of Edinburgh.
  • TEDDINET: Enhance is a member of the Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation NETwork.
  • EPSRC: Enhance is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Related work

  • Drawing Energy: A project at the Royal College of Art to explore people’s perceptions of energy through drawings and illustrations.
  • Energy Babble: Research from Goldsmiths University – “The Energy Babble is a kind of automated talk-radio that is obsessed with energy and the environment. We developed it with, and deployed it to, a number of existing ‘energy communities’ in the UK.
  • Energy & Digital Living: Energy & Digital Living presents ethnographic research around energy, digital media and everyday life in UK homes.
  • SUSLAB: An international infrastructure of Living Labs, existing households and a Sensor Network in 4 countries to test and develop innovative sustainable concepts (products, systems).
  • R&Dialogue: An EU project which established dialogues between various parties (e.g. research, industry, civil society) on topics relating to a low-carbon future.


  • Carbon Trust: Tools, guides and reports to help businesses and public sector organisations address climate change and harness the economic benefits from the move to a low-carbon economy.
  • Design Methods Toolkit: A comprehensive set of design methods for agile, team-based projects.
  • The Behaviour Wizard: A tool developed at Stanford University – “The Behavior Wizard can help you design for successful behavior change”.
  • Resource Efficient Scotland: Resource Efficient Scotland is a Scottish Government programme, designed to help the public, private and third sectors reduce costs by implementing resource efficiencies in energy, water, raw materials and waste management.
  • S3C Engagement Toolkit: a toolkit for the active engagement of energy end users.
  • Design with Intent: a toolkit (free) and book with “insights, methods and patterns for designing with people, behaviour and understanding”.